Tesco Express at Hampden

Tesco express

“Well, I feel that that was a success!”  As I am leaving the car park at Hampden Park, I know that Barry, Alan and Nicola are delighted with how the Tesco Express Main Contractors Forum has gone today.  The feedback has been excellent and there is a sense of relief that all the hard work and preparation has helped deliver an enjoyable, pragmatic and ultimately successful event! Yes!

And when did it all start? Back in January 2013, Alan confirms that Barr Limited is roistered to host the Forum on Thursday 19th September 2013 and “would you be interested in helping us prepare and deliver the day?”  Absolutely, and having agreed how this might be done and what my role will be, we meet for the first time to start our preparations.  The purpose of the Main Contractors Forum is to bring the key players involved in supporting Tesco Express together, to share learning and promote effective communication throughout the team.

Barry has attended several of the Forums and whilst these meetings are very much valued by those attending, the energy and enthusiasm that was once there is starting to fade.  The concept is a little tired and the general consensus is that the process needs refreshed.  A conference call is scheduled and some great ideas and options secured.  A series of project management meetings are scheduled and action plans agreed.  Nicola completes a comprehensive review of possible venues and we agree to take the event to Hampden Park.  A fantastic location and a venue that not only offers visitors an insight into Scottish football, but also one which hosts major concerts and one that will stage the athletics at the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Barry is keen to incorporate The Tesco Steering Wheel as a means of structuring the agenda.  The Tesco Steering Wheel is an established model, which promotes good communication and highlights priorities for staff throughout the Tesco family.  The Wheel identifies 5 key themes, these being;

• The Customer

• The Community

• People

• Operations

• Finance
Having established an appropriate structure, the preparation continues.  Nicola keeps everyone organised with great attention to detail.  Barry and Alan work on their presentations and rehearse, rehearse and rehearse!  Preparation is key to the delivery of a successful day and “perfect practice makes perfect!”
The day arrives, welcomed by typical West of Scotland weather – wet, very wet!  Still, this will not dampen our spirits as we complete setting up the venue.  It certainly looks the part.  Fantastic!  The Barr Limited team take care of meeting and greeting the guests and coffee and tea is served.  To kick off the day, Barclay welcomes everyone to Glasgow and to Hampden Park, highlighting the importance of this opportunity to get together with partners, colleagues, clients, competitors and friends. “Best wishes for another successful day”
Barry provides an introduction to the refreshed approach and The Tesco Steering Wheel.  Hot topics are explored for later and a review of the last Forum’s next steps is completed.  And off we go!  Richard from Tesco provides an interesting presentation on the customer, highlighting new stores and performance in the year so far.  The community input is given by David from KDM, who shares an inspirational story, setting high standards for the rest of the team.  I support Barry in presenting how Barr Limited supports its people, through the delivery of leadership development programmes.  Tommy, Steve and Colin facilitate a Q&A session, and help bring a real and practical assessment of the impact their learning has had on their performance on site.  “It’s even had an impact on my relationships at home!” A brilliant contribution!
The operations focus is led by Alan, who facilitates discussions around 25 hot topics and who is ably assisted by Daniel and the rest of the team from Tesco Express.  Finally, Steve from Stace gives a brief financial report. But it is not all presentation, conversation and discussion.  The Helium Stick after lunch offers a great team challenge achieved by some and missed by others!  However, it helps bring energy to the room and provides an insight into the experiential learning incorporated into the leadership programmes at Barr Limited.  Great craic!  The quiz prizes are issued and the food and drink supplied by the Hampden Park team is delicious!
Barry completes the wrap up and it is either off home or into Glasgow for a night out!
What can I learn from such a wonderful day?

• Preparation is the key to success

• “Every Little Helps”

• Change and refresh works and is often much needed

• “Perfect practice makes perfect”

• Managing nerves brings an energy and focus

• Nicola is a “star performer” and gets so much done

• Work can be great fun too!

• Investing time to build effective working relationships is critical to success

• Good preparation helps bring success

• Talent just needs to be given the opportunity to come out



Thanks and well done everyone!