Developing Leadership Excellence

DLE is a programme that challenges and inspires learners to find their inner selves and develop their skills as leaders and coaches in the workplace. Participants are given the opportunity to secure feedback from their colleagues and others about their leadership and reflect on how they might grow and develop their leadership role.

Kouzes and Posner’s “Leadership Challenge” challenges the learner to:

  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart

DLE champions how important a coaching approach to leadership is and allows participants the opportunity to develop a coaching toolbox to help make everything become a reality. As John highlights “Coaching is a way of stimulating and inspiring people to take an active role in the development of their own learning and performance, which in turn helps create effective relationships at work”.Each learner is required to complete 2 assignments as part of the ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management, allowing those taking part to complete research and further learning to support their development as a leader.

1. Be Me, Be You!

Be Me, Be You challenges the learner to find themselves and share who they are as a leader. Opportunities are created for those taking part to present what they are thinking and to listen to their colleagues. Building relationships, teams and sharing feedback is established as critical in the workplace, as is the leaders’ responsibility to create learning opportunities for all! “Leadership is a choice!”

2. Leadership and Me!

Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Practices Inventory 360° Report provides a focus for module 2, allowing the learner to reflect and take stock of what other people think! Action plans are created and shared and learners explore the surprising truth about what motivates us at work. Change and leadership is embraced and the assessed journey begins!

3. Core Values and Relationships (CVR’s)

Vision, mission and values provide the foundation stones for inspired leadership at work. Relationships are key and learners explore how working constructively with conflict can add value everywhere. We are on the road to commitment and have the opportunity to provide leadership for all.

4. Back to the Future and More!

So, it’s time to reflect back and move on! Key learning is reviewed and shared and the Learner Action Plans are adjusted accordingly. Guests are welcomed and a strategic framework and focus agreed.