Although the pressures associated with the use of time at work continue to grow, the value of taking a step back from those day to day challenges and bringing people together to think and share is widely recognised. Creating opportunities for people to come together as a team; to contribute what they think and to listen to others; and to have their contribution recognised can motivate and inspire performance improvement and team working.

As an experienced professional facilitator, John Armstrong can help organisations plan, design, deliver and evaluate events that will achieve project goals and aspirations. Facilitation is about “assisting or making easier the progress or improvement of something”, and can relate to problem solving; team building; creating a future; reviewing performance; or working with change.

Our approach is about encouraging people to take centre stage and having confidence in themselves, their colleagues and employer to make a valued contribution. This is more likely to happen, if during the planning phase there is absolute clarity about the purpose and project objectives of the event. Once this is achieved, our goal is to create an inspirational and innovative approach that will help achieve the anticipated outcomes. We aim to help people step out of their shells and to keep things on track!

John Armstrong’s unique style and insight is appreciated at conferences and events. His enthusiastic approach to coaching and leadership development in the workplace has contributed to many successful and inspirational debates. He is regularly asked to present publicly and to share his knowledge and experience of enhancing the performance of people at work. Among others, John has presented at conferences and events held by:

• The Institute of Leadership and Management
• The Textile Services Association
• The Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions
• The Royal Caledonian Curling Club
• The Institute of Healthcare Management