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Helping People Work Together

At On Track Training and Coaching we are committed to “helping people work together”. Since 1995 we have supported clients through the delivery of work based training, coaching and facilitation. Our aim is to inspire those we meet to achieve their potential at work, by designing and delivering both pragmatic and engaging learning events. Click onto What We Do to find out more.

Relationships with clients are based on establishing professional, practical and personal partnerships aimed at achieving clear goals and delivering a real impact in the workplace. We feel privileged at having the opportunity to work in a variety of working environments where the common denominator is people!

In supporting learning and development initiatives as trainers, coaches and facilitators, we are proud to promote The Twin Track Approach. By blending workplace training and coaching to improve the return on investment, clients can also create a culture where professional relationships are enhanced and learning and performance improvement is secured.

Keeping Your People One Step Ahead

Our Twin Track Approach

At On Track Training and Coaching, we are committed to ensuring that our clients achieve their planned return on investment and that the people we work with are given every opportunity to use and apply their learning in the workplace.


The Manager as Coach

John has recently been involved, as technical supervisor, in creating a new training dvd. The resource is aimed at managers and team leaders at all levels click here for further information…