Delivering Service Excellence

DSE creates an opportunity for people to stop, take stock and think about their role and responsibility in delivering service excellence to colleagues and customers. We can all make a difference should we make the right choice. It’s the little things that exceed customer expectations and we can all do it.

Look around and we will see opportunities to deliver service excellence every day. Don’t disconnect because we think we’re too busy. Prioritise and it will happen. Step forward and take a lead and don’t wait to be told. We know what to do. Share what we think and build relationships with customers and colleagues.

Experiential learning and team challenges create opportunities for participants to reflect and think about their role and ability to contribute to delivering service excellence every day!There are four seminars that make up the DSE programme, where a different theme is explored at each session.

1. Fishing for Service

Fishing for Service challenges the learner to differentiate between service we are dissatisfied with, satisfied with and delighted with. We explore who are customers are and what their expectations might be of us. “Have fun at work!”

2. Moments of Truth

The concepts of brief encounters and moments of truth are explored, confirming how important the little things we do at work actually are. Jan Carlzon highlights the importance of first impressions and the cumulative impact of those little things that we do! ZOOMing towards service excellence highlights the importance of slowing down and finding out what our customers actually want “What is our legacy?”

3. I CARE to Serve

Kenneth Blanchard’s I CARE approach emphasises just how important it is to build relationships of trust. Teamwork can make or break service excellence, but when it works the tie that binds and service excellence can be celebrated. “Service is a smile!”

4. Making DSE Stick!

Making DSE Stick helps turn challenging behaviours and situations into a positive outcome. Supporting colleagues ensure an effective response to challenging situations and allows us to commit to change. Sharing feedback and celebrating success helps us all stay in the moment. “Stay focused on the Road to Commitment”