Delivering Service Excellence at the Galleon Centre

I enjoyed learning about the differences between a satisfied customer and a delighted customer, and how important it is to make sure you are always making customers feel comfortable. I also liked learning about open & closed questions and how more open questions encourages the customer to open up.

Getting to know my colleagues better, from a personal view. Teambuilding and scenarios at the end.

Enjoyed the day as a whole, specifically doing the scenarios towards the end of the course.

Different from other courses, more involvement as a group and good activities which made it more enjoyable. Good to see different departments working together.

The interaction part of the course, working together and learning about how we treat each other and customers.

Enjoyed the customer scenario at the end, acting out the customer/staff, found it helpful.

Atmosphere, games in a group

That it was fun and light-hearted

Clear, open, well presented, quick and straight to the point yet options given with in-depth advice. Clear instructions to follow in difficult situations and the importance of listening and understanding customers usually leads to a successful outcome

Enjoyed the course, thought that John was very good at explaining in detail about how to use the techniques we learned.
Enjoyed the course and listening to everyone’s experiences

I had an enjoyable and productive experience. It has given me information on handling situations that I wouldn’t have thought about, had I not attended the course. Raised and made me aware of things I could do at work to improve and continue to learn.

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