ILM L2 Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills at Smith and McLaurin

John brings a light hearted yet professional approach to the course, making all the team feel at ease and able to contribute freely without pressure.

At the same time, he is able to encourage and push team members to take part and use their own initiative to the benefit of their own development, and the team’s.
I found the course to be of huge personal benefit, giving me a better understanding of the mechanics of teamwork, and how I see myself , my role in creating and developing my team and realising the benefits that are achievable with the knowledge I have gained during the programme.

The team challenges which are a fun and effective way of bringing the team together and making you able to think more outside the box and look at different approaches to solve problems, that may at first not be apparent at first glance, thus enabling you to think more about effective team work, as opposed to just your own point of view.

I can’t praise John enough for the way in which he conducted the course, and for so many positives I have gained from it. John was always willing to help you or give you that little push or prompt needed to assist you throughout the course, without pressuring you.

PS: If at any point John appears with a chocolate cake, and says here’s one I baked earlier, don’t be fooled, we all know it was really his wife Catherine that made it ha ha. Stevie D

I really enjoyed the courses with John, the exercises were good, the interactive courses were really good, how we worked together working out puzzles.
The homework I didn’t enjoy, But John was really good. At the end of each month, we had a one to one, John was great at listening to the things that bugged me, a very approachable guy and I felt comfortable in his company. Davie

The course gave me a great insight into the leader and management side of the workplace. The difference between a leader and a manager the first that springs to mind.
Also, that communication is the absolute key factor to becoming a successful leader or manager, it came up in every single assessment that I wrote. Fraser

No way did you bake that nice Chocolate Cake yourself? John L

John kept the course interesting all the way through, providing plenty of encouragement as well as all the knowledge and information needed for a successful result. Rickie

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